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Roofus (formerly Shawka) came to us with a truly unbelievable story of neglect. Abandoned by his previous owners, 9 year old Roofus eventually found his way to the roof of his vacant former home & jumped to escape. He was slightly injured from the fall & was so thirsty that he was licking ice when Animal Control officers found him. Our staff worked diligently to get him to health, but Roofus stayed at our shelter for 3 months before finding a home. Luckily, he’s part of a great family now & they just sent us a wonderful update!

In their own words:

Roofus has been an amazing addition to our family. He’s very sweet & a loving dog. He’s become very good friends with our other dog, Pittie who was also rescued at Animal Rescue League. Actually, the words to describe how much a part of our family he is are escaping me. Also, we chose the name Roofus because when reading the description of him on your Facebook page you had mentioned he had jumped from a roof top to escape his conditions of abandonment.

-The Graham Family

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