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All of us deserve some good news today. And we’ve got some. Gisele (now Ellie) came to us 1 year ago in August of 2012. She was rescued during a dogfighting raid in Kalamazoo, MI by HSUS. Confined on a tow chain alongside 16 other dogs for her whole life, she certainly had an injured soul. We told you about her in January with this post.

At first, Gisele had a hard time letting people get too close, but volunteers & staff members saw beyond her damaged facade. We knew that with a lot of work, this poor girl could recover. And we were right. Eventually, Gisele started to blossom!

We also knew, however, that this beautiful pooch would never fully recover with the stresses of the shelter. In May, Gisele went to a foster home where she could be worked with in calmer environment. There, this resilient dog grew into a canine companion. And yesterday, that foster home officially became Ellie’s forever home!

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