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Today was all about redemption. Eleanor was one of the dogs who came to us from the Wilkinsburg dogfighting raid after her former owner was found guilty & he had to give up ownership. She spent 16 LONG months in a cage while the legal system played out. One can only imagine what that can do to the emotional health of an animal. After nearly 3 months of rehabbing at the ARL, Eleanor finally found her home today. She has had a team who worked with her to help her as she learned so many new things. Like all of the other former fighting dogs who came before her, this girl had a lot to learn. She was a quick study & was also so sweet that she won the hearts of volunteers & staff alike. There is justice in this world. Her former owner is now locked in a cage & she is the one walking away for a life of freedom & a second chance at a loving home. We’re so happy for her new mommies. They love her so much & have been visiting her while she rehabbed, waiting patiently for that day when we felt that she would be confident enough with herself & comfortable enough with her surroundings in a household. Today was that day & we couldn’t be happier. Go Little Ellen Go!

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