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Tammy is a playful 3 year old pittie mix who came in as a stray.  With her sweet face and friendly personality, she quickly made a lot of friends among the volunteers and staff.  Tammy rides well in the car, loves to play, and gives lots of kisses.  She responds to ‘sit’ and walks decently on leash.  She gets along well with other dogs and just loves people.  Tammy recently had the honor of appearing on the Pittsburgh Today Live show on KDKA during a broadcast about an ARL fundraiser event.  She was totally at ease in front of the camera, happily chewing on her stuffed toy. She also made a special appearance at the recent Mutters Day Canine Fashion show held at the Priory.  Here she calmly mingled around the crowd of people, greeted the other doggies, and politely posed for her photos.  We’re hoping that these recent public appearances will help Tammy get the forever home she deserves.  Given how affectionate and friendly she is, we’re surprised she hasn’t been adopted already.  For more information about Tammy, please contact her volunteer friend Beth at or call an Adoption Counselor at 412-345-7300 x215.

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